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Laser Gum treatment

Laser Gum treatment

Armed with the latest in technology, all your laser dental treatments at Dentech Dental clinic are guaranteed with less or no pain, less or no bleeding and less or no anesthesia.
Anyone that has ever had a fear of the dentist will be pleasantly surprised once they experience dental treatment with the laser.
Recommended in Gum recession, High frenum cases, Gum De-pigmentation & patients having excessive display of gums. It helps to achieve excellent gingival display during Smile.

In Gummy smile patients, Aesthetic crown lengthening can also be performed on teeth to even out your gum line. This will improve symmetry and create a more pleasing smile.

What causes dark spots on gums?

Some dark spots on the gums are caused by a build-up of pigmentation (also called melanin spots) in the gum tissue.These spots are nothing to worry about, for they are like freckles, except on your gum tissue instead of your skin. However, these dark spots may cause healthy gums to appear unhealthy, or simply interfere with the aesthics of a smile, and some people would like to have the dark gum spots removed. These melanin spots on the gums can be quickly and painlessly removed (a process called gum depigmentation) with laser gum treatment – usually in one visit and with quick healing time.


Sometimes, spots on gums are a result of simple genetics. Darker skinned people have more pigmentation, and therefore have darker gums. This is normal. Occasionally, the pigment is much darker in certain spots. People who experience this may want to have the darker spots or splotches lightened or removed. Laser gum therapy can remove and/or lighten these spots, for a more even color of the gums.


It’s no surprise that smoking can cause dark or brown spots to appear on the gums. This condition is called “Smoker’s Melanosis”. These spots can sometimes, but not always, disappear on their own if the patient quits smoking. Quitting smoking is the best first step toward healthier gums and better overall oral health. However, Smoker’s Melanosis spots can be quickly and easily removed from the gums through laser gum spot removal therapy.

Medications (such as Tricyclic Antidepressants

Some medications have been known to cause dark spots on gums. These medicines include tricyclic antidepressants, antimalarial drugs and minocycline (an antibiotic). Sometimes dark gum spots caused by medication fade or disappear when the medicine is discontinued. In some cases, such as with antidepressants, the patient is taking the medication indefinitely. These patients can rest assured, knowing they can have a simple laser gum therapy treatment to remove the unsightly spots on their gums.

Fillings or Crowns / Amalgam Tattoos

Amalgam tattoos are caused by tiny particles of silver fillings, that migrate down to the gums. When a small amount of silver is beneath the surface of the gums, it can appear dark or bluish in color (much like the appearance of a tattoo). These are benign, as they are much like the discoloration that some jewelry can cause on the skin, but some people find them bothersome. Amalgam tattoos can be removed painlessly with laser gum treatement.